Peer Focused. Insight Driven.

The Springboard Symposium is the premier destination for mid-market D2C brands who seek to learn from and share their eCommerce experience with their peers. Our intimate day-long symposiums are curated to provide a safe environment where brand leaders gather insights that help them propel their online growth.


Upcoming Events

November 6th, 2019



Who should attend?

Marketing and eCommerce executives of direct to consumer brands generating between $1M and $20M in yearly online revenue.

Additionally, we give precedence to brands that are not venture backed and whose eCommerce strategy does not focus primarily on marketplaces.


The format

Short and Fast-Paced Presentations

Instead of going the traditional hour-long presentations, we have opted for a series of short (7 minute long) presentations. This format does not put constraints on the speakers which ensure that topics are distilled to their core.

Peer-to-peer Round Tables

After each presentation block, attendees are shuffled to roundtable exploring varied topics. This allows the attendees to meet everyone, experience a number of diverse point of views, and forge relationships.

Connecting Beyond The Events

Attendees will be invited to our exclusive private Facebook group where they will have access to the recordings of all presentations (past and future events) and to special offers, as well as the opportunity to continue the discussion.